Eric Ries interview about lean startups

Lean startup meme inventor Eric Ries is in town. He will be at the Lean Startup Circle event on Thursday night. If you are lucky-enough to have gotten a ticket for this, either hold it tight or sell it on eBay.

For the rest, there is another chance. The good people at CSN Stores, an awesome and fast-growing e-commerce company in Boston, have organized a Thursday morning event with Eric. Hurry up and get a spot while there are any left.

I have the honor of interviewing Eric for a second time in a few months–we was at the customer development event I put together in the fall with Future M, General Catalyst and Microsoft. What questions shall I ask him? Leave a comment here or @reply @simeons.

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  1. Reem Yared says:

    Hi, Simon,
    Any way we can follow your interview on the web Thurs AM? or on delayed video? I’m going Thurs. night but would love to hear your questions.
    My questions are the usual:
    – what if earlyvangelists are not a reliable indicator of mainstream customers?
    – “Completing the Customer Development processes may take a year or two or even longer.” (SG Blank, p. 26) we’ll be dead & buried by the competition by then + the competitive landscape & tech solutions might have changed so much the research will need to be updated!

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