Boeing Shuts Connexion: no more high-speed Internet access on planes

After investing over $1B and making less than $50M in revenues, Boeing has shut down its project for satellite-based high-speed Net access on planes.

Boeing acknowledged in June that it was in talks with commercial-satellite operators and other potential suitors, but it also hinted strongly that it might abandon the business altogether. The satellite operators concluded that there was too much risk in buying Connexion outright, a person familiar with the situation said.

Geeky friends of mine who flew on Lufthansa loved the service but, according to the article, usage was “in the low single digits”. I guess this goes to show that Lufthansa is disproportionately attractive to geeks. 😉

I would have enjoyed Net access on a long flight but the news is also a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have enjoyed people around me Skyping.

Source: – Boeing to Shutter Connexion As Web Service Fails to Catch On

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