EDU 2.0: The naming craze continues

Graham Glass (founder of The Mind Electric, which built Glue and sold to webMethods) has released the beta of his open education platform.

The early beta of EDU 2.0 is now officially live. You can access the site at To obtain a password, visit the site and register your email address.

Apart from continuing the 2.0 naming craze, EDU 2.0 makes sense. Graham and I talked about this soon after he started working on the venture. His idea was to open educational content up and make anyone an educator and everyone a student. Given how much time & effort people are willing to invest in their own and their kids’ education, I expect the community to succeed. 

And, BTW, this is another site built on Ruby/Rails.

Wishlist for the final release:

  • Much higher performance
  • Better site navigation & spiffier design
  • Fewer clicks to get around, e.g., a contributor’s profile should automatically include recent posts.
  • Introduction of rich media
  • Analytics to track individuals, groups, courses, etc.
  • Community translation capabilities so that content becomes available to people worldwide

Source: Graham Glass, etc.

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2 Responses to EDU 2.0: The naming craze continues

  1. Graham Glass says:

    Hi Simeon,

    Thanks for the mention on your blog! I agree with your wishlist; most of the items will be in the next major beta release; translation will appear a little later down the road. Some basic analytics (i.e. # visitors) are already available for materials, but don’t include things like a map of where the visitors came from, etc.)


  2. Marcello says:

    “Community translation capabilities so that content becomes available to people worldwide”

    This is most necessary!

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