RSA Keynotes

It may be the lack of sleep but I’m unimpressed by the keynotes so far this year.

Bill Gates + Craig Mundie, MS

  • We’ve made mistakes in the past but now we get it.
  • Acronym overload: SDLC is also Secure Design Life Cycle, not just Software Development Life Cycle.
  • IPv6 is going to enable micro trust domains and put users in control. No mention of the massive pain managing the various rights over time will be.
  • Vista has a lot of neat security features. For example, it will help you manage multiple online personas and payment profiles.

Art Coviello, RSA/EMC (and later Joe Tucci)

  • The bad guys are really smart and capable but don’t panic. There is a $1B industry in trading stolen identities.
  • Now that we are part of EMC we really care about securing not just perimeters but also the data. Please buy Centera, Symmerix, etc. Also, EMC just acquired Valyd Software.
  • Security will move from static to dynamic with more intelligence in grant/deny policy decisions. Patterns analysis (EMC’s SMARTs technology) will become very important in decision making.
  • Defense in depth means you can never buy enough security products.

I was looking forward to Thompson’s keynote but had to leave for a meeting.

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  1. tharwood says:

    To a small and scruffy band of geezers, SDLC got burnt into our brains as “Synchronous Data Link Control” and I never understand why the manager-droids are on about datacomm protocols 🙂

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