EBay & Google: another big alliance

Ebay and Google have partnered around foreign ads. This shows the importance of Europe and the emerging markets. It also points to the increasingly complicated online landscape. EBay would have loved to partner with someone else but their options weren’t great. Y! competes with them in auctions. Microsoft’s ad technology & network significantly lag Google, while strategically this may have been a better match, the pressure on eBay is such that they cannot ignore the short-run economics.

Source: EBay, Google Reach Overseas Text-Ad Alliance

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2 Responses to EBay & Google: another big alliance

  1. Allen Harp says:

    I agree that their options were limited. My only hope is that the two giants do not allow themselves to merge. eBay is so unique in it’s onw way that if consumed by Google, it could lose that edge. Google’s not the bad ogre that people suggest it’s just that search is their game and auctions belong to eBay. I hope they are satisfied to compliment and strengthen each other.

  2. I second you Allen.

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