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Flew to SF today for the RSA Security Conference where Veracode is launching. CEO Matt Moynahan was on a panel at the Churchill Club tonight. The title was “It’s a Small, Small, Dangerous World – What Global Business Means for … Continue reading

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Microsoft to Lead Security Best Practices

“My name is Microsoft and I have a problem.” That could be the introductory statement of the company at the group meeting of ISVs With Legacy Systems Full of Security Holes Anonymous. In a recent article, eWeek talks about Microsoft’s … Continue reading

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Bigger May Be Better for Secure Scripting

On the topic of security as a competitive advantage, a recent Evans Data survey of scripting environments puts ActionScript and Adobe Flex on top. ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) is in second place. The open-source projects are, unsurprisingly, rated lower. It’s hard to get … Continue reading

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Integrated vs. Best-of-Breed Security

There has always been a tension between integrated and best-of-breed approaches to software solutions. Much of the software industry has moved in the integrated direction, from OSs and platform runtimes to integration suites to ECM to application suites. The holdouts … Continue reading

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Security as a Competitive Advantage

There are certain aspects of software such as security and overall quality that exhibit a very non-linear value curve. Vendors get punished for low quality/security but rarely get rewarded for doing a good job at both. With such a kinked evaluation function, it’s no surprise … Continue reading

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Veracode Blog Goes Live

Yes, Veracode is one of my companies and, no, I’m not above peddling its blog to anyone who cares. More importantly, there are lots of people who should really care about what Christien Rioux, Chris Wysopal and Chris Eng have to say because the … Continue reading

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Botnets, Herders and Money Mules

The current issue of eWeek has a good story on the underground economy around botnets, their masters and the money mules that help them cash in on phishing fraud (in a related story). Windows is, of course, the target platform … Continue reading

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