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Amazon Web Services Talk: Beyond Bootstrapping

The AWS event last Wed went very well. Thanks to everyone in the audience for coming and talking geek on such a gorgeous day in NYC. Worth noting: S3 is really getting some load–peaking at 27,000 requests/second. The VM marketplace … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services Event in New York

I’m polishing my presentation for the AWS event in NYC today. Polaris Venture Partners is the exclusive sponsor because we believe that what Amazon is doing is good for startups. AWS lowers the cost of experimentation online, which helps more ideas come to … Continue reading

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Google Addressing the "Facebook issue"

I’ve been slammed with two financings but this news merits taking time on a Sunday night to blog… Ever since word got out that Brad Fitzpatrick (previously chief architect at Six Apart) had joined Google people had a pretty clear idea what Brad’s … Continue reading

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Enterprises, Everybody Wants Your Data

As storage gets cheaper, enterprises small and large accumulate more and more information. Finding the right information at the right time is becoming harder and harder. Information comes from many sources: email, IM, the Web and intranets, employee’s desktops, enterprise … Continue reading

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Google Targets Enterprises With Postini Acquisition

Another strategic move by Google–buying Postini for $625M. Postini has been a leader in the hosted email/IM security, archiving and compliance space. In addition to having well-thought out service offerings, the company has been able to operate on a big scale … Continue reading

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DST Change, Cars, Sensor Networks and Software-as-a-Service

Sunday came and went and all’s well, more or less. The ticking bomb called the Energy Policy Act of 2005 made a polite pop! but didn’t cause too much trouble when DST came into effect earlier this year than usual. Strangely … Continue reading

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Killer Consumer Applications for RFID

Mention RFID a couple of years ago and most would think about pallets of goods moving through warehouses. When the cost of RFID tags was high, it made little sense to do item-level tagging so goods were tagged at the … Continue reading

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Beyond Bootstrapping: The Third Way

Finding the right trade-off between bootstrapping and raising money early is not easy, in particular if these are the only two available choices. One of the great thing about good entrepreneurs and VCs is that they find ways to create … Continue reading

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Archivas Goes to Hitachi/HDS

The cat’s out of the bag. HDS acquires Archivas for up to $120M. Archivas was my first investment at Polaris. This is a great exit for the team and for the investors. Founder Andres Rodriguez envisioned a new kind of … Continue reading

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Tech vs. Life Sciences Investing

My partner Alan Crane and I were talking recently about the differences between technology (IT, HW+SW in particular) and life sciences (LS) investing as driven by the inherent differences in the target markets. Two key points rose to the surface: … Continue reading

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