Dogfooding vs. maintaining perspective

I’m all for dogfooding but not at the expense of deep competitive research. Sometimes you just have to live with your competitors’ products in order to understand them the way their customers do. I guess now that Bill Gates is focused on the foundation he is no longer interested in deeply understanding Microsoft competitors’ products. No other way to describe why iPhones and iPods are banned in the Gates household. What better way to learn about your competitors’ secret sauce than watch how your kids use their products?

About Simeon Simeonov

I'm an entrepreneur, hacker, angel investor and reformed VC. I am currently Founder & CTO of Swoop, a health AI platform. Through FastIgnite I invest in and work with a few great startups to get more done with less. Learn more, follow @simeons on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn.
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2 Responses to Dogfooding vs. maintaining perspective

  1. Eric Voskuil says:

    No need to worry Sim, there are plenty of iPhones and iPods on campus.

  2. Phil says:

    same goes for companies like Nike – no competitors clothing or shoes allowed on campus. I think this type of insular thinking is crazy.

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