Better Advertising Launches

Exciting day today. Better Advertising just came out of stealth. I’m acting CTO & co-founder, much in the way we started Plinky/Thing Labs last year. In fact, I got to know Better Advertising CEO Scott Meyer though the Plinky diligence process.

It’s been very rewarding to work with the founding team and our advisors, especially because the company’s mission is to improve the relationship between consumers and advertisers online.

Without going into too many details at this point, here is what the company is about:

Better Advertising is a platform that simplifies the compliance process for the FTC’s and IAB Coalition’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. Our team consists of online advertising and privacy veterans and who have been working closely with many leading ad agencies, networks, marketers and trade associations to develop this platform. Better Advertising’s solution will increase consumer trust in online advertising, and allay regulatory and legislative concerns by helping the industry deliver the kind of accountability program that makes self-regulation a success. By providing a level of transparency that ensures both consumer privacy and ongoing brand protection for marketers, Better Advertising will foster the continued growth of the interactive advertising industry.

If you read this blog you are probably familiar with my views on targeted advertising. Better Advertising is not in the ad targeting space. Instead, it will facilitate visibility, transparently and accountability through the advertising ecosystem, allowing those players with respectable business practices to operate at scale.

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  1. First – congratulations on the launch! Second – wow that ‘about’ paragraph makes my head hurt! I’m not in the ‘ad’ industry so it’s probably no big deal, but I had to read it three or four times and I still only understand about half of it…the “improve the relationship between consumers and advertisers online” is awesome though.

  2. Congratulations!

    Looking forward to hearing more details and further developments –


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