Snowmobiles and Cell Phones

I’m at the Polaris Digital Media Summit in Deer Valley, UT. It’s great event with a good mix of portfolio and industry execs. Since snowboarding is not allowed in Deer Valley, a few of us went snowmobiling yesterday. The weather was great and it ended up being a lot of fun. No broken bones in our group, though there were some close calls and one snowmobile will need extensive repairs.

With all the fun over, I had to figure out how to get the pictures off my old Nokia 6660 on T-Mobile. That turned out to be a lot more complicated than snowmobiling:

  • An initial annoyance was that I couldn’t send several messages at a time.
  • I couldn’t email them because there was no GPRS connection.
  • I tried MMS to my Verizon Berry (8703e), which doesn’t support MMS. I ended up getting an SMS to visit a Verizon WAP site where I could see a thumbnail image but couldn’t do anything useful w/ it from the Berry. I didn’t even attempt to go to the site with a browser.
  • I tried Bluetooth exchange between the Nokia and the Berry + my computer. The devices paired well but couldn’t figure out how to transfer the files. The Berry doesn’t support the right Bluetooth profile. The default MS Bluetooth stack on XP doesn’t either. You can download better Bluetooth SW but last time I tried this on my old Thinkpad it wasn’t easy to configure everything right.
  • The final solution was to use infrared between the Nokia and my laptop, one image at a time. That’s pathetic.

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