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Old Tech Dies Hard

“Your name is in the MySpace code,” said Bill Clogston, chief architect at 8th Ring, to me on Monday. Since I’ve in no way been involved with MySpace’s design or architecture, it took me a bit to figure out that … Continue reading

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Social Media Booms

Some interesting numbers on social media growth. Note two startups with >200% growth.  With Wikipedia (181% growth) scuttling close behind in 10th place, MySpace was topped in growth by ImageShack (233%), Heavy.com (213%), and Flickr (201%). Source: Checkbooks Ready: Social Media … Continue reading

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Cyworld vs. MySpace?

Good piece in Business 2.0 on Cyworld’s entry into the US market. It’ll be interesting to see how much the user experience and business model have to be adjusted for US tastes. When will buying virtual currency become cool? The … Continue reading

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