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Amazon’s Strategy: Too Risky?

BusinessWeek has a good piece on the likely response of Wall Street to Amazon Web Services becoming a big part of Amazon’s business. It’s a legitimate question. More info in previous posts.

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Amazon Web Services Debate Expands

Antonio Rodriguez, founder of Tabblo and brother of the founder of Archivas (Andres Rodriguez), has a lengthy post worth reading on why AWS isn’t manna from heaven. He makes two key points: Given Amazon’s core business, it’s worth questioning the SLAs of … Continue reading

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Amazon Web Services & Standards?

I’ve been thinking more about AWS since Jeff Bezos’s talk yesterday. Whenever infrastructure outsourcing comes up, the question of standards is not far away. Amazon can wait for its services to become de facto standards or they can lead with … Continue reading

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Jeff Bezos on Amazon Web Services (Mechanical Turk, S3 and EC2)

I’m at the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference today. Jeff Bezos was the first keynote speaker. His talk focused on Amazon Web Services (AWS), in particular, Mechanical Turk, S3 and EC2. Jeff didn’t talk about the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), which is … Continue reading

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