As a kid I used to like exothermic reactions quite a bit, especially the ones that happened very, very quickly. However, I didn’t have access to that much dynamite. Or whales, for that matter.

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4 Responses to Hilarious

  1. Jim Robinson says:

    Kia Ora! Now that takes Whale Rider to a whole new level. Collissions and explosions, I always loved that stuff too! And billiards. — JIM

  2. Utterly fantastic…

  3. kuma says:

    that’s utterly disgusting. I can’t imagine the smell or bits of the whale that fell everywhere. And to think the japanese keep hunting the whales- why don’t you call the japanese fishers, they might be happy to help clearing that way away.

  4. Kara says:

    that’s some good use of explosives. Yet the question is how did the whale landed there, was it some bad sign that our ocean is getting warmer and animals starting to lose directions and such? I can only link those news to environmental news I heard-those are imprinted in my mind now.

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