Was that your VC experience?

One of my entrepreneurs sent this cartoon. Sad but true–some VCs are unwilling to work around the weaknesses of their teams.


No teams are perfect but many teams can significantly increase their odds of success with the right combination of (a) focusing the business to play to their strengths and (b) selectively adding to the team, board of directors and board of advisors. Since VCs cannot (and shouldn’t) run companies, their value-add primarily has to do with how well they can partner with entrepreneurs to help achieve this.

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  1. Bob Balaban says:

    Where’s the cartoon? I only see a blank panel

  2. Hmm, that’s a problem with Windows Live Writer & WordPress integration. The original file I uploaded was a .bmp, which WLW converted to .png (I think). Well, for some reason, the file only shows selectively in some browser sessions and in the WordPress page preview…

  3. Uploaded a .jpg, which should hopefully solve the problem.

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