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Embracing Students in High-Tech

Scott Kirsner looked at how trade associations in the Boston deal with student membership/participation in a recent post. I’m on the board of The Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX), which he gives a B-. While I’m sure I agree … Continue reading

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Attributing Entrepreneurial Success

I’m flying back to Boston after a crazy week of Plinking, TC50ing, CTIAing and thinking about starting a new company in the mobile space. My brain is jacked up and exhausted at the same time. So much to process… Living … Continue reading

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Smart Entrepreneurs vs. Wise Entrepreneurs

There is a set of interrelated concepts I’m fond of reminding entrepreneurs about but I’ve never found a really good way to summarize them into a sentence that conveys the right meaning and tone. Here are various renditions: Be different, … Continue reading

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The Easy Road To Incremental Innovation

I was chatting with Hank Williams today about startups and the evolving venture capital landscape and he pointed me to Judy Estrin‘s upcoming book “Closing The Innovation Gap.” I guess I just added another title to my ever-growing, impossible-to-catch-up-with reading … Continue reading

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Artificial Scarcity For Entrepreneurs, Not Just Economists

Ryan Freitas @ Plinky pointed me to Aaron Schwartz’s riff on 37signals’ advice on how entrepreneurs should launch startups using the “Holywood method” (teaser, preview, launch). Aaron makes a solid point that web sites are not movies. Movies are fixed … Continue reading

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MIT 100K: Web 2.0 vs. Enterprise 2.0

Well, no, that’s not how we looked at judging the MIT 100K Web 2.0 / IT track this year but I bet many were surprised that our judging panel nominated an enterprise software company–CyberAnalytix–as the winner. Bob Buderi observed the pitch … Continue reading

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Top Five Suggestions For Entrepreneurs From IDEO

The 2008 Nantucket Conference opened up with a session led by world-class design firm IDEO. The session title was Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs: Identifying New Markets and Developing the Winning Product or Service. Although they could have designed a better … Continue reading

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For The Wanna-Be Entrepreneurs Amongst Us

My friend Ajit Jaokar writes a very personal post about a Pink Floyd music video–Learning to Fly from Momentary Lapse of Reason–that had a profound influence on his life. The video of Learning to fly is deeply symbolic and metaphysical. … Continue reading

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