Plinky Gets Office Space

We got the keys to the Plinky office space in Lafayette yesterday and did the Great IKEA Run (Part I), starring Jason Shellen, Wes Beary and yours truly. The idea to go with IKEA furniture (Galant series to be exact) came from my friends at Allurent who’ve operated this way for years now. The first day on the job a new hire has to assemble his/her desk. Today we’ll do Part II of the IKEA run (since we bought up all the inventory of the Emeryville store in some of the categories yesterday) followed by a lot of assembly. I hope Jason has good power tools and lots of batteries.

The day continued with dinner at Foreign Cinema, suggested by Ryan Freitas who (smartly) doesn’t start until next Monday. Ryan trained as a chef in the French tradition and was on the friends & family list so the evening went very well. Then live bluegrass at Amnesia but don’t ask me about it–I remember nothing.

Did I mention we are looking to hire a a great backend guru, preferably also trained as a sushi chef?

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