Ooyala wins

Ooyala won the Amazon Web Service Startup Challenge last night. The company has a video hosting platform integrated with an ad network and some interesting bells and whistles built around the notion of using computer vision to provide better ad targeting, interactive entertainment and commerce. The founding team  comes from AdSense.

The symbol of the prize was a gold-painted hammer signed by Jeff Bezos. Under the lenses of the eager photographers and videographers, the team banged the hammer on a 2U rack server to symbolize the end of servers deployed in the enterprise.

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3 Responses to Ooyala wins

  1. Bill Burke says:

    Videos will become “searchable” quickly, as in the actual audio content can be parsed, published and indexed using sutomated speech recognition.

    Let’s hope Oyala supports, and ntegrates this cool new technology!


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  3. christian says:

    I was interest on finding info about their usage of computer-vision. I couldn’t find any trace on their website and I would be very interested on having more details about it. People that know computer-vision know that without calibration and proper hardware, or at least optimal light conditions, that is quite a challenging task. If someone knows something about it, please post it here. Thanks!

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