Coolest Tech Gadget for Millionaires

If I sold stock earlier during Bubble 1.0 and if my house had a basement I’d get an SC5832. SC stands for SiCortext, a Polaris portfolio company I’m involved with. 5832 is the number of processors in this dense Linux supercluster. Not only is the performance breathtaking but the machine is as green as it gets–optimizing power consumption is the secret behind the performance of SiCortex machines. Lower power means you can have more processors closer together so that the interconnects paths between them are very short => very fast CPU-CPU communications & better parallelism. If you are into this stuff, go through the SiCortext architecture tour.

The SC5832 is finally shipping. Argonne National Lab just bought the first machine. Lucky them. The open panels remind me of Lamborghini doors.


The most amazing thing was that it took less than two hours to get from a bunch of boxes to a running Linux supercluster with nearly 6,000 processors. The IT guys at Polaris working on our Exchange servers must be envious. Kudos to the SiCortex team. Now if they only made the machine easy to sit on like those old Crays. 😉

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  1. Jim Cropcho says:

    I’m currently recompiling Linux kernel modules, and it’s taking forever. Man, do I wish I had a beast like that to take care of the job!

  2. Bryanstein says:

    I am looking for more pics of this BEAST…I first saw it in a Linux Magazine article in Feb 2007. I love it….do you have any more pics ?

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