Founders at Work: The Truth And Myth Of Entrepreneurship

My wife ordered Founders at Work from Amazon a while back and then we forgot all about it. The book still hasn’t shown up, so I’m glad Guy Kawasaki did a post to remind us to check what happened with the order. Guy blogs about his favorite stories in the book. Fun reading.

The major lesson: Entrepreneurship is all about tactics, hootspah, not knowing that things are not done “this way,” and making do with not enough money. You’ll LOL at points and wonder if a better title would not have been Flounders at Work.

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    Sim, welcome to the wonderful world of the real Web 2.0 – you have just been splogged. Nowadays many don’t even bother to create fake blogs, they just spam legitimate blogs with ‘comments’ like this one. Worst of all, it’s not illegal 🙁

    No wonder many bloggers (lke our common friend Ajit) quarantine posts and spend time censoring them, or completely disallow comments (like Seth Godin, whose philosophy is wildly against that).

    I prefer instant and unrestricted feedback, hope it never gets out of hand on your excellent site.

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