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Being Early in Mobile

Some friends reading this blog have asked me why am I posting so much about mobile these days and when did I first get interested in the space. The answer to the first question has to do with my work … Continue reading

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Old Tech Dies Hard

“Your name is in the MySpace code,” said Bill Clogston, chief architect at 8th Ring, to me on Monday. Since I’ve in no way been involved with MySpace’s design or architecture, it took me a bit to figure out that … Continue reading

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Social Commerce

I finally did it. Earlier in the week I noticed that Wikipedia didn’t have a page for social commerce, so I tried to create one. 30+mins into it, IE 7.0.5730.11 crashed (too many tabs open) and I lost my work. … Continue reading

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Picking & Funding Winners

One can argue that the rules for picking winning startups have evolved over the last ten years. In Bubble 1.0, you could have used a dart against a Broadview market map. Bubble 2.0 is all about consumer online/mobile plays, which … Continue reading

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Ouch, that hurts

Jeff Nolan points out in Venture Chronicles that East Coast VCs just don’t get it when it comes to Web 2.0. Harsh words but then he asks “where are the Web 2.0 companies on the East Coast?” Is it case … Continue reading

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My Companies

Below you’ll find the list of companies I’ve been involved with. The last information is always on FastIgnite. 8th Ring Allaire Allurent Archivas Better Advertising Citizen Logistics DubMeNow FastIgnite General Catalyst Partners Life360 Meridio Polaris Venture Partners Thing Labs Veracode

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