Google and the ecosystem test

I am roaming the halls of Google I/O 2013 and wondering whether Google’s platform passes the ecosystem test.

… no platform has become hugely successful without a corresponding ecosystem of vendors building significant businesses on top of the platform. Typically, the combined revenues of the ecosystem are a multiple of the revenues of the platform.

So much activity but what’s the combined revenue of the businesses building on top of Android, Chrome & Apps?

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  1. Android (and everything related) is just the latest Google ecosystem ‘star’ (to use the Boston matrix language), but don’t forget the Search ‘cash cow’ as Google is many things. Many loosely (dis)connected things that they have started to streamline and view as a single picture. Each of those has its stakeholders, including 3rd party businesses around each one. There are, of course, many ‘dogs’ and ‘question marks’ in that picture, but overall I believe the ecosystem is healthily growing and gaining strength, thank you very much 😉

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