FastIgnite is born

Spring time. Time for changes. I’ve moved on from Polaris and I have a new company called FastIgnite. Read about it here, subscribe to my feed and follow me on Twitter to stay informed and, while you are at it, come by and say hi at the cloud computing event I’m organizing on Tax Day.

About Simeon Simeonov

I'm an entrepreneur, hacker, angel investor and reformed VC. I am currently Founder & CTO of Swoop, a health AI platform. Through FastIgnite I invest in and work with a few great startups to get more done with less. Learn more, follow @simeons on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn.
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6 Responses to FastIgnite is born

  1. Steven Muniak says:

    Sim –

    Good luck with the new venture.


  2. Simeon,
    I found you at LinkedIn – I’m just starting to take my years-in-the making proof of concept in digital textile printing to the next level. This universe is a still evolving landscape of analog to digital transition and convergence. I have some patents and a unique team, and a preliminary business plan. Please take a look at the existing company website and get in touch if you find it interesting, intriguing, if not unique….

  3. Congratulations on the new venture.

  4. matt pierson says:

    Hi Simeon,

    Always like to see VC’s turn truly entrepreneurial! Best wishes on the new venture. I know there are a lot of New Hampshire high tech companies that could benefit from your involvement.
    Matt Pierson, Chairman, NH High Tech Council

  5. Brian Cleary says:


    Good luck with the new venture! Stay in touch.

    Brian Cleary at Aveksa

  6. Vamsi says:


    Good luck on the move.


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