Plinky Launches Content Encouragement Platform

Plinky is out of stealth. Check it out. Use it. Live it. Love it. Or not. But either way, send us feedback.

It felt strange to be on the opposite coast from the team as they were going through the final checklists but I guess this is what I get for co-founding a company in the Bay Area. I’d do it again with the right partner, though. Jason Shellen has been great to work with as a founder, partner and CEO. His vision for expanding blogging and, more broadly speaking, self-expression on the Web to an ever broader audience of contributors is powerfully present in the initial release. The team has done a fantastic job integrating the feedback from our private release in the fall into a neat service with great consistency of purpose.

A: you win the cool CFO award
C: you carry the spirit
G: you are funnier than your brother
J: now comes the truly exciting part
M: let’s do that mountain ride again
RF: your design makes me wish for your cooking
RK: thanks for pushing it over the hump
W: I’ll assemble furniture with you again
Z: where were you earlier?

Go Plinky!

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3 Responses to Plinky Launches Content Encouragement Platform

  1. congrats on the launch. plinky has great potential as a platform. would love to hear about progress next time you are in nyc.

  2. mectruy says:

    More the great achievements we are expecting

  3. Vlado says:

    Best of luck!

    (Have started ‘beta-testing’, if not ‘mystery shopping’ – with real name/nick). Expect critique 🙂


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