Coolest Tech Gadget For The Rest of Us

Not quite the coolest tech gadget for millionaires, the SiCortex SC072 Catapult probably qualifies as the one for committed geeks on the way to their fortunes.


SC072 is a (no surprise) 72-processor Linux cluster that can fit under your desk and double up as a gentle foot warmer. Despite its many Gflops, 48Gb of RAM and 2Gbps of network I/O it burns less than 200W.

A beauty like this will set you back less than $15K and will impress the right date much more than your original Star Wars memorabilia.

Now, for the fun part–what apps would you want to run on this? Drop me a comment.

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3 Responses to Coolest Tech Gadget For The Rest of Us

  1. Terry says:

    The game of Go just begs for one of these SC072 puppies. What’s not to like?

  2. Vladimir Dimitroff says:

    Ah, a beauty! (Specs-wise; design is deceptively un-sexy). A pity the SiCortex website has no shopping basket 🙁 (But I’ll find a way to try and order one; problem is my geek team will want one each)…

    As to apps, it might be good for running a realtime SNA-based viral marketing thingy I have in mind….

    Dynamically auctioned telecoms tariff optimisation?

    (Even) better flight simulators?

    Pixar-class power for YouTube producers (HD video with 24-bit 7.1 sound, all edited on the desktop – just where’s the OpenSource software for that?)…

    Don’t show the toy to my ‘boys’, please!

  3. DanO says:

    Since I passed on commenting about your “Coolest Tech Gadget for Millionaires” post I just couldn’t let this one go by (oh and envious was not a strong enough word).

    So lets order a few of these and figure out how to port VMWare’s ESX to run on this bad boy and really have some fun!

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